Aries Rising Sign
(Aries Ascendant)

The ascendant/rising sign (Aries or otherwise) describes how we appear to be, whereas the sun sign describes who we really are in a wider sense than just appearance. The charactersitics of Aries will somewhat modify and shape the characteristics of your sun sign.

For example, if you are a Taurus with Aries rising, then you will tend to be a somewhat impulsive Taurus rather than the more commonly encountered stubborn Taurus. Or, if you are a Scorpio with a Rising Aries Sign, then you will tend to be more open and forthcoming than the typical often-secretive Scorpio. Of if you are another fire sign such as Leo or Sagittarius, then the fiery aspects of your personality will tend to be emphasized and dramatized - these might include characteristics such as being: a leader, driven, competitive, and/or arrogant. Such a double fire emphasis can (but does not necessarily) lead to extremes in words and/or actions.

With Aries rising/ascendant, the frequent qualities of Aries that will flavor your sun sign include being: energetic, headstrong, an initiator, courageous, impulsive, competitive, single-minded, thoughtless, and/or a leader.

Understanding the Rising Sign/Ascendant

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