Cancer Moon Sign

The moon sign (Cancer or otherwise) shows our emotional nature, and most often a dominant theme of what we experienced in our childhoods. Of course, this can significantly alter how we appear in the world (our rising sign characteristics) and how we really are in the world (sun sign characteristics).

For example, with your moon in Cancer, you likely experienced much nurturing, protectiveness, reclusiveness and/or insecurity as a child (either your own or your parents or your family) that may have caused you then and now to act and feel in the ways of Cancer instead of in the ways of your rising and sun signs. At some point in your life (perhaps it has already happened) you will need to move out of any stuckness in these childhood patterns of Cancer.

With a Cancer moon, the frequent Cancer qualities that will flavor your sun sign include being: possessive, oversensitive, insecure, caring, empathetic, and nurturing. For example, an Aquarian person (with Cancer rising) who is distant will often use the Cancer moon energies to be more likable and close to others.

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