Love Cryptogram Puzzle
on Your Website or Blog

Why put the crypto puzzle on your website/blog? Because content that changes every day is valuable to the look and feel of any relevant blog/site, and therefore the site becomes more attractive to visitors. These daily-changing puzzles can be interesting and amusing for many.

Daily Love Cryptogram Puzzles on Your Site/Blog

What you get: daily-changing puzzle as you see in the smaller box to the right of these words >>>>>

Directions: Copy the code in the gray box below and paste into your website/blog code. (If your page is white, you might choose to make the table border=0 in the below code.) We require that links need to be workable and visible; other modifications may be made to the code as you wish. Thank you.

<center><table width=210 border="0"><td bgcolor="#000000"> <img src="" width=1 height=5><br><font color="#FF0000" face="arial" size="+2"> <B>TOP SECRET</B></font><br> <img src="" width=1 height=5><br><center><table width=210 border="0"><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><center> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC=""></SCRIPT></font><a href="" style="text-decoration: none;"><font face="arial" style="font-size:11px" color="#006699">Free Games</a></font> </td></table></center><img src="" width=1 height=5><br> <font color="#FF0000" face="arial" size="+2"> <B>TOP SECRET</B></font> <br></td></table></center>


Free Games



(To paste into Blogger, you may need to 1.copy the code to your left, layout on the Blogger dashboard, then select Add Gadget, then select HTML/Javascript, 3.fill in the title by typing in your own words such as "Cryptogram Puzzle" 4.point your mouse into big box, left click and then right click and select paste.)

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