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Including Video Poker, Blackjack Game, Slot Machine

Welcome to the free online games section of Play for fun! Available online are casino games (blackjack, poker and slots), word games/puzzles/quizzes, romance games, as well as classic favorites such as Pong, TicTacToe, and Battleships. (Except for the Trivia Game, all these free online games load very quickly.) Each of this site's games may be reached without using your back button by using the links to your left.

  Free Blackjack Game
  Free Video Poker
  Free Slot Machine Game

Word Games/Puzzles:
  Challenging Hangman Game
  Romantic Hangman Game (words of love, romance and relationship)
  Word Match Game (simple but fun!)
  Daily Word Jumble Puzzle
  Daily Vocabulary Test
  Daily Spelling Bee

Classic Free Games:
  Checkers - Can You Beat the Computer?
  Concentration - Classic Memory Game
  Battleships Sink theirs before yours gets sunk.
  TicTacToe (easy medium and hard difficulty)

Free Romantic Games/Puzzles/Psychic:
  True Love vs. The Dragon Slay the dragon to save your true love
  Romantic Hangman Game
  Romantic Word Jumble
  Zelda's Free 24hr Psychic Love Advice