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Today's World
Geography Test

Monday, 16-Jul-2018 04:53:21 GMT

Welcome to Daily World Geography Quiz. Every day three new, often challenging, geography questions test your geographic knowledge. To learn the most, it is suggested that you get out your atlas, world map or globe every day you take this quiz.

1. Provided below is either the capital city or the country/state/province of that capital. What is EITHER the missing capital OR missing country/state/province:

St Paul US

2. What is the closest body of water (river, bay, sea, or ocean) to the below city/country/island?

Le Havre

3. Where is 0 degrees latitude, 0 degrees longitude?

Africa; Atlantic Ocean; Pacific Ocean; Micronesia

Minnesota; English Channel/Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean off Africa

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Since we are all citizens of the world, it is not the best state of affairs that most of us are rather dreadful geographers. For those so inclined, two minutes a day on this world geography quiz/test will soon yield a much wider knowledge of our world geography.

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United Kingdom