Daily IQ Test

Note: This test is designed more as a learning experience than as a statistically valid IQ test. No matter- its accuracy is rather good.

Today's IQ Test Part 1

Taking This Test
There are five parts to this daily-changing IQ test: vocabulary, spelling, word jumble, geography and psychology. To take this test, you surf five QUIZZES links. Add up and record your score (on paper or in your head) from each part (1 point for each correct answer - no cheating!). The only TIMED part is the word jumble; limit yourself to three minutes for that. When you have completed all five parts, then return to this page by clicking on IQ. Scoring key is below on this page.

Purpose: This test is designed more as a learning experience than as a statistically valid IQ test. No test of just 16 questions will have a lot of accuracy. But results averaged over several days will yield a more valid IQ result. There are those who complain about geography and psychology being part of an intelligence test; but IMHO those who are less aware of the world and its psychological principles are less intelligent than they might think, no matter their "official" IQ.

Today's IQ Test Part 1

Scoring: (Number correct : IQ Score)
Adult(16+):   8:88   9:99   10:110   11:121   12:132   13:143   14:154   15:167   16:180+
Age 15:   8:94   9:105   10:115   11:126   12:136   13:146   14:156   15:168   16:180+
Age 14:   8:101   9:110   10:120   11:130   12:140   13:149   14:158   15:169   16:180+
Age 13:   8:109   9:117   10:125   11:134   12:143   13:152   14:160   15:170   16:180+
Age 12:   8:117   9:124   10:131   11:139   12:147   13:155   14:162   15:171   16:180+
Age 11:   8:123   9:130   10:137   11:144   12:151   13:158   14:164   15:172   16:180+
Age 10:   8:130   9:136   10:142   11:148   12:154   13:160   14:166   15:173   16:180+

Disclaimer: This test, of course, is not at all accurate 1.for those with English as a second language or 2.for those whose cultural upbringing is very different from the mainstream. Whatever- it can be a fun learning experience, no matter who you are. See how accurate others have found this test to be by clicking the view results link to your right.

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Past Survey
Q: Compared with other IQ tests I have taken, my IQ score (3+ day average) on this test was:
21 or more points higher
11-20 points higher
+-10 points = about the same score
11-20 points lower
21 or more points lower

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