I am a channeler. A sort of celestial, psychic telephone. That means the words coming through me, when I channel, onto paper in this instance, are not actually my own. I've been able to, over time, learn the difference between what I am thinking and what my guide Seth is saying and be in a place where I am comfortable with it. It wasn't easy, but then, many good things that come into our lives don't come easy. I have learned a lot from the process and I will never stop learning. Check out my daily channeled advice.

I'd also like to say that anybody can channel. You might have to work hard to do it. There might be a boat load of lessons you need to work through, lessons you never in a million years thought you'd have to deal with, but it all comes in a way that you can handle. Most likely, you CAN do it.

I also want to say the person receiving a reading needs to be aware of one aspect of channeling; no matter how clear a channeler is, that channeler is still a human being and, as such, has the same sort of structure of belief systems as anybody else. Down is down and up is up and that's just all there is. If a channeler has strong ideas about what is right and what is wrong, their guides will echo those sentiments to a certain degree. You can come across people who channel and those who feel they tap into their intuitive selves or into Source who say things like, "You'd better get out of Dodge as quickly as you can." My own feelings are that it's the responsibility of the channeler to make sure they are in as well-balanced a place psychologically as they can be to ensure that what gets channeled is also as clear as it could possibly be for them. So, just take it all with a grain of salt. As with advice from anybody else, if you don't care for it, don't worry about it. If it strikes a chord with you, then, roll with it.

At the moment, I am no longer giving private readings. Thank you for visiting these pages.

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