Libra Moon Sign

The moon sign (Libra or otherwise) shows our emotional nature, and most often a dominant theme of what we experienced in our childhoods. Of course, this can significantly alter how we appear in the world (our rising sign characteristics) and how we really are in the world (sun sign characteristics).

For example, with your moon in Libra, you likely experienced (shown by you, by your parents, and/or by your family) during your childhood years the following traits: charm, romance, creativity, insecurity, apparent laziness, and the eagerness to please. While it may seem difficult to change these traits, it may well be worth your while to do so in therapy if they seem to dominate you.

With a Libra moon, the frequent qualities of Libra that will flavor your sun sign include: charm and diplomacy, generosity, creativity, self-indulgence and emotionally demanding. The positive Libra qualities of charm and diplomacy could well be used by a person with an Aries sun, who tends to just blast away at folks.

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