Libra Rising Sign
(Libra Ascendant)

The ascendant/rising sign (Libra or otherwise) describes how we appear to be, whereas the sun sign describes who we really are in a wider sense than just appearance. The charactersitics of Libra will somewhat modify and shape the characteristics of your sun sign.

With Libra rising/ascendant, the qualities of Libra that will often flavor your sun sign will include: a gentle manner and spirit, a desire for fairness and harmony, as well as some egotism and being judgmental.

For example, if you are a Leo with Libra rising, you cetainly be generous, perhaps overly so; and your leadership will be softer and more romantic than that of the typical Leo. If you are a Capricorn with Libra rising, then your charm and diplomacy can be a great asset to that Capricorn. If you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) with Libra rising, then you can have a tendency to do too much thinking and be underconcerned aboout grounding or actions in the world. Or, perhaps you will use this double air emphasis to focus your life on some valuable thinking that the world needs!

Understanding the Rising Sign/Ascendant

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