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The Reconcilement by John Sheffield

Come, let us now resolve at last
...To live and love in quiet;
We'll tie the knot so very fast
...That Time shall ne'er untie it.

The truest joys they seldom prove
...Who free from quarrels live:
'Tis the most tender part of love
...Each other to forgive.

When least I seem'd concern'd, I took
...No pleasure nor no rest;
And when I feign'd an angry look,
...Alas! I loved you best.

Own but the same to me--you'll find
...How blest will be our fate.
O to be happy--to be kind--
...Sure never is too late!

.....The Reconcilement by John Sheffield, Duke of Buckinghamshire (1648-1721)


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Archived Love Quote: If you love her, you cannot see her...because love is blind..... William Shakespeare