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If You Should Know Her
by Anne Berlin

Dawn turned to dusk and they found each other.
The sun went down leaving all of it's glory on their burned skin.

He had fallen asleep and she...
she went to the sea.

She glances behind- tenderness swells deep within her.
His image gets smaller and smaller-
Soon his presence just a remembrance.

She sees him in the distance-- he is as still as a starry night.

Faintly his hand beckons her.
She races towards him,
grabs it greedily- aching for his soft caress.

She wanted to love him.
She wanted him to love her.
She pulls him close to her chest and rests his head there,
it's so peaceful, so safe.

Time stood still.
The urchins at sea blessed them with a loving night.
Just one night.

Then they wandered off...

.....from If You Should Know Her by Anne Berlin


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Archived Love Quote: It should be a very happy marriage --- they are both so much in love with him..... Irene Thomas