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Phillada Flouts Me

O What a plague is love!
...How shall I bear it?
She will inconstant prove,
...I greatly fear it.
She so torments my mind
...That my strength faileth,
And wavers with the wind
...As a ship saileth.
Please her the best I may,
She loves still to gainsay;
Alack and well-a-day!
...Phillada flouts me.

At the fair yesterday
...She did pass by me;
She look'd another way
...And would not spy me:
I woo'd her for to dine,
...But could not get her;
Will had her to the wine--
...He might entreat her.
With Daniel she did dance,
On me she look'd askance;
O thrice unhappy chance!
...Phillada flouts me. . .

I cannot work nor sleep
...At all in season:
Love wounds my heart so deep
...Without all reason.
I 'gin to pine away
...In my love's shadow,
Like as a fat beast may,
...Penn'd in a meadow.
I shall be dead, I fear,
Within this thousand year;
And all for that my dear
...Phillada flouts me.

.....from Phillada flouts Me by Anonymous


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Archived Love Quote: Love- incomparably the greatest psychotherapeutic agent- is something that professional psychiatry cannot of itself create, focus, nor release..... Gordon Allport