Understanding The Moon Sign

The moon sign shows our emotional nature, and most often was a dominant theme of what we experienced in our childhoods. Of course, this can significantly alter how we appear in the world (our rising sign characteristics) and how we really are in the world (sun sign characteristics). If your moon sign is Aries, for example, then you likely had signficant childhood experiences/drives with Arian themes such as competitiveness, impulsiveness, impatience, leadership, etc. This can make you both more comfortable (because of familiarity) and less comfortable (because of hidden fears) with energies.

While the attributes of your sun sign will be seen by those around you, the attributes of your Moon Sign are often hidden but definitely felt within you, whether consciously or not. Your moon sign describes the internal life... the way you feel, the way you react and even your instincts. These all are commonly labeled as your emotional life. For some people the moon sign is as important as their sun signs.

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