Pisces Moon Sign

The moon sign (Pisces or otherwise) shows our emotional nature, and most often a dominant theme of what we experienced in our childhoods. Of course, this can significantly alter how we appear in the world (our rising sign characteristics) and how we really are in the world (sun sign characteristics).

With a Pisces moon, the qualities of Pisces that will often flavor your sun sign include being: compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, escapist, fluctuating and confusing.

For example, with your moon in Pisces, you likely experienced Piscean times in your childhood which were confusing, imaginative, numinous, creative, and/or imaginative. These childhood experiences may cause you to act/feel in these ways of Pisces rather than in the ways of your sun sign. Sometimes we need some psychological growth to move beyond these old influences if they tend to dominate the scene.

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