Pisces Rising Sign
(Pisces Ascendant)

The ascendant/rising sign (Pisces or otherwise) describes how we appear to be, whereas the sun sign describes who we really are in a wider sense than just appearance. The charactersitics of Pisces will somewhat modify and shape the characteristics of your sun sign.

For example, if you are a Sagittarius with Pisces rising, then your straightforward Sagittarian traits will likely be modified by the creative escapist and spacey traits of Pisces; which can add some spice to your life! Or, if you are a Virgo with Pisces rising, then your natural tendencies towards being very precise will directly clash with the confusion and escapist qualities that your Pisces moon brings to you. The quality of your life may depend upon how well you reconcile these conflicting tendencies! Or, if you are a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) with Pisces rising, then your tendencies to being over-emotional and too spacey will likely be accentuated (may be used well or poorly).

With Pisces rising/ascendant, the frequently encountered qualities of Pisces that will flavor your sun sign include being: intuitive, spiritual, imaginative, spacey, an escapist, and/or confused.

Understanding the Rising Sign/Ascendant

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