Sagittarius Moon Sign

The moon sign (Sagittarius or otherwise) shows our emotional nature, and most often a dominant theme of what we experienced in our childhoods. Of course, this can significantly alter how we appear in the world (our rising sign characteristics) and how we really are in the world (sun sign characteristics).

For example, with your moon in Sagittarius, you likely experienced in your childhood experiences (yours, your parents' or your family's) that showed: a zest for life, adventure, seeking of truths, indulgence, lack of tact and/or overconfidence. If these experiences intrude too much in your current life, then they can be changed with effort and/or therapy and it may well be worth your while to change them.

With a Sagittarius moon, the frequent qualities of Sagittarius that will flavor your sun sign include being: humorous, enthusiastic, straight-forward, opinionated, careless and overconfident. An example of a sun sign who might benefit a lot from a Sagittarius moon would be Pisces, who tends to escapism and confusion.

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