Scorpio Rising Sign
(Scorpio Ascendant)

The ascendant/rising sign (Scorpio or otherwise) describes how we appear to be, whereas the sun sign describes who we really are in a wider sense than just appearance. The charactersitics of Scorpio will somewhat modify and shape the characteristics of your sun sign.

For example, if you are a Leo with Scorpio rising, then you will tend to be more secreteive and manipulative than the average Leo. Or if you are a Taurus with Scorpio rising, then your natural tendencies towards intuition and being domineering will go against the grain of the typical Taurus; there will be some internal conflict. If you have a water sun sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) with a rising Scorpio, then you will have a double water emphasis that might prove a success if you choose to be a dancer but a disaster if you choose to be an accountant (highly unlikely).

With Scorpio rising/ascendant, the qualities of Scorpio that will flavor your sun sign include being: manipulative, secretive, nosey, sensual, intuitive and alluring.

Understanding the Rising Sign/Ascendant

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