Merlin's Magic Card Tricks

Merlin says: Welcome to my magic kingdom! Warning! The deep secrets of these two magic card tricks will NEVER be revealed. The first trick involves a layout of 21 cards and you give me three hints (tell me which row your card is on). Then I will guess your card. The second trick has a layout of 6 face cards and after you have selected your card I shall make it disappear! My incantations have all now been voiced; therefore, you may proceed with Trick #1.

Trick #1: Magic 21-Card Trick

Merlin says: Try to scroll so that all three card rows are revealed below. Now in your mind select a card, concentrate on it for 3 full seconds and then give me a hint by clicking at the END of its row (Row1, Row2, or Row3).

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Trick #2: Disappearing Card Trick

Merlin says: Pick one of the six cards below and concentrate on it for 3 full seconds. I shall shuffle these cards and then make YOUR CARD magically disappear up my sleeve. So-- when you are ready for my professional legerdemain, click on READY at the end of the row of cards.


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